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Our Grass Fed Pepper Jack Style Cheese is a raw milk cheese, made from the milk of our pasture-raised cows, who graze on lush grasses and wildflowers, seasonally. This creamy cheese has a slightly spicy kick from the peppers, but it's not too hot for even the most sensitive palates. Perfect for adding a bold flavor to sandwiches or melting on top of burgers, our Pepper Jack is sure to become a family favorite. Plus, you can feel good knowing that our cheese comes from a responsible, pasture-based farm.

Grass Fed Pepper Jack Style Cheese

  • Pepper Jack comes in an 8 oz size. 

    Ingredients- Made with unpasteurized Grass-Fed cow's milk, jalepenos, sea salt, cultures, and enzymes

  • Cheese ships out on Monday's and Tuesday's. Order $45 or more and get free shipping! Thanks for supporting small farms!

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