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Our Mission

Our goal has always been to work for ecological restoration, protect animal welfare, and support social justice....all through one well crafted product. The future is depending on the collective "we".

"The welfare of each is bound up in the welfare of all"

                                                            Helen Keller

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Grass-fed Facts


Our Practices

"There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about."               Margaret Wheatley


Ecological Restoration

   The price of pollution and habitat destruction are not usually paid for at the cash register. Taxes, health care costs, and reduced land values are usually how communities pay for the industry of others who make a profit off of the natural resources of all. Future generations are at an ever increasing risk of inheriting a planet that is nothing like the one we enjoy today.

   As global warming increases, the incidences of natural disasters, species extinction, and sea level rise increase as well. Maid-N-Meadows is committed to doing its part to reduce our carbon footprint and slow global warming.

     Each day we endeavor to move our land beyond the standards of organic by restoring habitats and encouraging native flora.  By restoring the fertility and biology of the soils, we are laying the foundation for increased carbon sequestration, better herd health, and the return of native species.

     Each year we seek to improve our practices and set measurable goals toward success.

For the year 2017 we are working toward the following:

  • Building a facility closer to home utilizing recycled building materials for insulation, siding, and equipment.

  • Fencing off a new parcel of forest to encourage young growth and decrease soil erosion and compaction. Also continuing to protect those acres of forest already not being utilized in farm production.

  • Sowing native grasses in our pastures and removal of invasive plant species in our best pasture.

Protect Animal Welfare

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way it treats its animals,"  according to Mahatma Gandhi.

       Building a business that values and rewards all the contributors, starts with the herd! Treating our girls like extended family has always been an easy decision. Join us as we march toward creating farming systems and practices that value the unique strengths and needs of each cow. 

Cheese For All!

   Since day one, success for Maid-N-Meadows has been about sustainable giving to our community, region, and country. This is measured through how successfully we reach out to our customers through affordability and accessibility. We seek to break down the barriers between optimal nutrition and those who seek it out. Share your ideas, now!

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