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Shipping Practices

We ship ONLY on Mondays and Tuesdays!

  • We will ship out orders on Mondays and Tuesdays of each week to ensure that orders arrive in the best condition possible and as soon as possible.

  • Orders must be in by 9 A.M. on Tuesday morning to go out this week. All other orders will be saved for the next week. If it is urgent we are available for a phone or email consultation. Contact us and we will do the best we can. Please understand we are a small family business with limited time  and resources, doing the best we can  to serve our customers as well as we can.

  • If the weather temperatures at the order destination will be above 70 degrees when the order arrives, we recommend adding "Keep Cool Packaging" to the order. If we notice the temperatures are too high and no extra packaging has been ordered, we will try to contact and alert our customers. However, if cheese arrives in less than prime condition due to lack of cold packaging, we will not accept responsibility. If in doubt, add "Keep Cool Packaging"  to the order.

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