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Its been about a week and a half since we were finally approved to make cheese. Honestly, when we passed, it didn't feel real. I have told myself so many times, "We will be making cheese in a week!" So many times I have been very, very wrong! Meanwhile, the cheese was running low and then practically OUT! As it sits, our new cheese won't be ready until September. But hey, we are back making cheese and that is all that matters.

Gouda, Pepper Jack, and Garlic & Herb are already in the aging room!

A new wrinkle in our cheese making is hauling our milk from the parlor to the cheese facility. Daniel's brother built this dandy trailer for us from the ground up!

Pretty neat, huh! Our inspector, with the Milk Safety Branch, has been awesome at walking us through some new territory with the milk hauling vessel. But you would not believe the paperwork involved every time we move milk a mile down the road!

Heading to the barn as a family! Elsa the cow is checking out the baby on wheels!

It is hot so the cows follow the shade all the way to the barn.

We are super excited to be back in the home milking parlor after 9 years of gathering dust. The Windsor facility was an enormous blessing and gave us a start we couldn't have gotten anywhere else, but there is something nice about being able to come home for a coffee break while the cheese cultures! No more 2 A.M. drives home for us! No more naps along the highway when we were too tired to go on! No more coffee pot suppers!

Coffee Pot Cooking Advanced Level: Vegetables and Rice! Daniel can make a mean Mac & Cheese in a coffee pot!

So, coming soon will be a facility walk-thru, some crazy news, and cheese, at a market or store near you!

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