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Maid-N-Meadows Update-2018

We are making progress, folks! Slowly but surly, the cheese facility is rising out of the dust! We had a good year this year and have so much to be thankful for. But watching our family and friends come together to help us get this building up has been the most awesome experience yet.

This past month has been a nail biting venture for me. I don't think Daniel had any doubts, but having poured the walls last month, we were ready for pouring the floor this month. But the weather just hadn't cooperated. It was always too rainy and/or too cold to pour concrete. The construction sight became slick and sticky with red, muddy clay.

After the long slog of prep work was complete and the footers were carefully dug, we were ready for concrete. We pounced on the first warm day, calling in all the help we could muster. Boys and men were working right up to the trucks pulling in with concrete, trying to get the rebar in to reinforce the new floors. Many hands make like work and, after three concrete trucks, the floor was in!

It did not take long for the boys to latch on to this new success and jump into getting the walls up! We found this interesting fella that buys up all the extra and misfit supplies from contractors who are working on big jobs and then resells those supplies to people like us. It was a nice discount from the lumber yard and we like putting our money back into the local community. Here is another look at the overall design.

The cave walls will be 2x6's so that we can incorporate more insulation. The office will be small, but we sacrificed space there to have a larger packing room. Plus there will be a loft upstairs that we can use as office space as well. The make room can accommodate two vats and a small soup kettle that can also be used as a vat for small quantities of sheep milk!

Walls are coming up fast! I wish all aspects of the process went this fast. We are excited to bring the operation back home and get the next season started! See ya next year!

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