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Maid-N-Meadows: Fall Has Arrived!

Fall is finally here and with it comes a blessed cool down! Markets are coming to a close and the cows are beginning to wind down production. On the home front, school has started for the children and we are all counting down, waiting for baby Showalter to arrive. As an answered prayer, we have been awarded some help with our loan for a cheese facility at home from the Kentucky Office of Agricultural Development. They will guarantee half of our loan with an interest rate of 2.75% for ten years! What a relief! We are so ready to be home on our farm, full time! Get ready for the fall workbees!

It is a whirlwind of a time as we prepare to close on this loan, wait for the new baby, and try to get our hay up.....while still running markets, deliveries, and the cheese facility an hour and a half away! We are tired but committed to finishing strong and feel encouraged by all we have managed to do this summer.

We splurged this year and took the children to the State Fair. Our first fair, ever, actually. We wanted the children to know how much we appreciated their hard work through the season in a way that celebrates our lives as farmers. Largest pumpkin contests, amid youth animal shows, spiked with ferris wheel rides, seemed like the perfect way to do that. The children have carried their weight during the hard times, as a family does for each other, and we have valued their insight and input in the operation.

Fall is kind of like starting a new year! So many things shift in our daily lives! As the garden dies back and the leaves begin to fall, school feels fresh again and a whole host of hopes and plans come into focus! The weather is comfortable to work in as we catch up on the summer backlog. Tidying up the fences, or repairing feeders, there is no end to the work. Priorities decide what gets done and what waits. Winter preparations begin as we look forward to friends and family, gathered around hot meals and festivities. Bike riding as a family or picnicking with friends, has been something we have had to cut from the schedule due to lack of time. But we eagerly look forward to those leisurely times together, again!

Looking forward to a season of rejuvenation and rest as we cobble together a facility at home! Come say "HI!" at the last few markets of the season! We love seeing you and appreciate all your support and encouraging feedback!

Keely and Daniel and the rest of the crew!

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